Welcome to the Outer Rim Garrison, home of the 501st Legion in British Columbia, Canada.

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Who We Are

The British Columbia members of the 501st Legion first formed a squad in 2006 under the Ontario-based Canadian Garrison.

In 2007, we transferred as a squad to the Badlands Garrison (western Canada) and in 2014 we officially became a Garrison in the 501st Legion with 32 official members. As of 2021, we have 120 active members across the province and growing!

While the majority of our members are based in the lower mainland, the Garrison has troopers stationed throughout the island and the interior of the province.


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The 501st Legion

Learn about the 501st Legion and its 10,000+ worldwide members.


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Why We Do What We Do

A lot fans ask why 501st Legion members why they “do what they do.”

The fact is – we are all fans of Star Wars, regardless if we are members of the 501st Legion or not. In our case, we express our fandom through the use of costumes for charity. We enjoy giving back, whether that means visiting hospitals, supporting charities with fundraisers, or participating in community events.

Most importantly, we enjoy putting smiles on peoples’ faces. Whether they are young, or the young at heart! If you are interested in joining the 501st Legion or simply have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Charity Work

While the 501st was initially founded to unite costumers with a penchant for Star Wars villainy, one of our real-world missions is to bring good to our communities through volunteer charity work. The 501st is always looking for opportunities to brighten the lives of the less fortunate and to bring awareness to positive causes on both a local and global scale.

While we do not charge a fee for appearances (public or private), we enthusiastically welcome donations made to a charitable organization in the name of the 501st Legion. If you do not have a charity of choice, please ask the participating local 501st members for their favorite cause.

With over 67 garrisons in the Legion, we have accumulated some impressive totals over the years.

Each year the 501st Legion members volunteer their time to attend a number of charity related events. In 2013 Legion members helped to raise $262,328 through our own fundraising efforts, and attended events that helped to raise over $32 Million Dollars for charity. Our members donated over 28,946 ‘man hours’ wearing our Imperial Costumes all in the name of fundraising and charity!

Giving back to the community is the cornerstone of everything we do. The Outer Rim Garrison works with many charities in British Columbia. We are very proud to support these charities!

Featured Trooper: Dayo Williams

What is your background / what do you do for a living? What are your hobbies?

Background in arts: Took Character animation, video game design, Character design, storyboarding in school. I’ve worked in film and television doing prop fabrication and costumes since 2007.  Hobbies include: miniature painting; Warhammer 40k and Necromunda; building armour, and props; and trooping as a Stormtrooper when I can as well as doing armoured heavy fighting sometimes. I used to run a Roman reenactment group but time hasn’t allowed that for a while.

When did you see Star Wars for the first time and where?

My mother tells me she took me to the theater as a baby back in 1977 when it came out. I slept through the whole thing apparently but I bet it affected me some how.

What is your favourite Star Wars movie?

A New Hope. It’s a classic!

What is your favourite costume and or prop (any franchise)?

I have so many uugh. Let’s go with the Colonial Marine armour from “Aliens” and the Pulse rifle…or Smart gun from that!  Love that Smart gun rig!

What costumes (SW related or otherwise) have you made before?

Star Wars Costumes I’ve made: (I started with 4 at the same time which in hindsight was a bit ambitious.) Clone Arc Trooper Echo for myself, and Fives.  2 Fem Trooper suits for friends.  Then I saw Rogue one and loved the Tank commander so I made that one.

Made a couple of Judge Dredd costumes with my friend Stefano from The Heros workshop.  A Fallout 4 Raider. As for costumes for productions I’ve worked on costumes for Supergirl, the Flash, Legends of Tomorrow,  World of Warcraft, Deadpool 2, and Sabrina.

What inspires you creatively, spiritually or emotionally?

I’m definitely inspired by Films, video games, literature, other cosplayers and artists on Art station and Instagram. 

How did you first find out about the 501st Legion?

Probably from seeing the local Garrison at Fan Expo one year.

What drives you to stay trooping in the 501st Legion?

Hanging out with the friends I’ve made in the Garrison and wearing a cool stormtrooper costume. Staying in character and harassing people about their droids.

If you were to have a job at Lucasfilm, what would it be and why?

Character and armour designer. That would be amazing to work with those creators! Oh and make the armour slightly more user friendly. haha!

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